Midterm rental options

1-4 guests

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms


ocean view


free wifi

free airport transfers



sup boards

washing machine

‘Health is the new wealth
Inner peace is the new success
Happiness is the new rich
Kindness is the new cool’

Take a longer break and enjoy our island life at island pace! We invite you to spend more time on our paradise island. We offer our luxury accommodation for midterm rental. Our apartments are really well equipped. Your break can be as long or short as you want it to be. Our apartments offer a pool, yoga and fitness facilities and SUP boards, and we can help you set up activities that suit you. We will welcome you, introduce you to our island life and help you feel at home on Bonaire. We are looking forward to meet you!

  • yoga – free
  • fitness – free
  • stand up paddling (SUP) – free
  • snorkeling – free
  • volunteering – free
  • hiking – free
  • mindfulness & meditation course – additional costs
  • healthy food classes – additional costs
  • detox days – additional costs
  • windsurfing – additional costs
  • kitesurfing – additional costs
  • diving – additional costs
Luxury two bedrooms/two bathrooms apartment $2.500/month

We have limited apartments available for midterm stays. Our apartments offer two spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. Beds set up: 4 twins or 2 kings or a 1 king and 2 twins.


  • Wi-Fi, water and electricity
  • Services & extras as mentioned for short term rental (except for weekly cleaning)
  • Extra introduction to Bonaire and arranging things for your midterm stay, like activities, car rental, sim-card etc.

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